Vice President of Engineering

Lead, manage, and inspire a team of talented web3 engineers in the development, and deployment of Web3 applications and infrastructure, while being exceptional in
designing architecture and problem solving.

Sr. Data Engineer

Build and optimize our web3 data products and pipelines. The individual will be tasked with developing, constructing, testing, and maintaining architectures such as databases, indexing and large-scale processing systems.

Smart Contract Engineer

Design, write and deploy smart contracts that serve as the foundation of a decentralized knowledge graph infrastructure for AI to scale in web3 and developing high quality products to showcase its potential in personalization.

Sr. Full-Stack Engineer

Design, develop and test the next level React frontend built UI/UX, which enables users to own, extract, mint and monetize personal data, as well as merge off-chain informatioing into their profiles through a backend python infrastructure which listens for events, managescustody positions, routes orders, etc.

Blockchain Engineer

Develop and deploy a peer-to-peer cryptographic system implementing a secure on-chain verification processes and manage efficient off-chain computations. Design, build, and maintain secure, efficient, and scalable blockchain infrastructure while wrapping functionality into APIs at large scale to give our customers easy access.

Head of Sales

Lead, manage, and inspire a team of talented web3 sales and business development leads in
the growth, expansion and conversion of dApps and large web3 enterprises. Designing go-to-market strategies and win-win situations for both our partners and customers to collaborate on bringing their users to an open network.

The future is here.

Take control of your data and contribute today. Don't let tech giants profit off your information.


The Web SDK

Infinity Support has all the tools you need to make the Web. Faster.

Own together

Naturally, co-owner security is a primary consideration.

Win together

We put our smart contract through a thorough auditing procedure.

Be albe to trust

We designed it such that trust amongst co-owners is not an issue.

Less fees

Individuals are no longer responsible for all the payments, which are now shared.

Unique infrastructure

In addition, we've created a one-of-a-kind web infrastructure.

Multiple profiles

More than one person can control these ad hoc multi-signature wallets.

The best in the industry.

All of this is delivered to you by a team comprised of top blockchain developers.

Top security

Delivered to you by a cyber security intelligence unit veterans.

Easier than ever

It is our responsibility to handle the complexities of technology .

Tailor made for you

Pushing boundaries and setting standards with our tailor-made design system.

High expectations

Exceeds the highest usability and performance expectations.

The whole package

We have vision, goal, and effect through digital-first thinking.

And more: Support for environment variables, preview mode, custom head tags, automatic polyfills, and more.




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