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AI As Knowledge APIs - contextual search, recommendation, prediction, moderation, etc. boosting your DApp's retention performance.

Indexed 200M+ Users & 5B+ Image Data As A Graph

User & Content insights and analytics accessible on-/off-chain for
smarter & personalized DApps.

Add Personalization Capabilities To Your DApp

Build your own queries to extract the wallet, content & intelligence data you need for your DApp to serve your users better.

Join Us In Building A World
With Users & Content At The Center

Anyone can be a part of our community. Test our APIs or extension today, and start contributing to a smarter and more user-centered ecosystem.

Our Mission

To create a community-owned AI brain that scales user-centric intelligence in decentralized applications to engage, retain and delight users with the most personalized content & services in web 3.


Better & Faster

We index Wallets & NFTs by extracting & processing contextual data at 10x real-time speed.

User Preference

More than 80% of the information we use to make daily decisions is visual. Contextual data provides that type of insights on why, what, who and how people transact & engage in web3.

AI Personalization

Match the right offerings to the right users based on his/her preferences and wallet profiles.

Personalized Generative AI

User & Content data are the nutrition for generative AI models to create even better pieces of art.


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Contribute Your Data To Our Ecosystem

Make any of your wallet and preference data available to our AI brain to understand and giving you new passive revenue streams in return.


5 min ago

Bluwhale allows partners & contributors to co-own user & content data while allowing me to have additional income streams, simply by opting into the digital offerings their AI brain matches me with.


Not A Developer,
No Problem!

Simply download our extension, connect your wallet & start monetizing your data today.

Monetize Your Own Data In Unprecedented Ways

Privacy & Security, 100% controlled, and infinitely scalable by you.

Search & Discover NFTs Like Never Before

Find NFTs by key word, discover NFTs based on content, and speculate with deeper user insights.

The future is now.

Gain control over how you monetize your own data to contribute today instead of letting others like Facebook steal your data for profit.

Get The Extension

The Web SDK

Infinity Support has all the tools you need to make the Web. Faster.

Own together

Naturally, co-owner security is a primary consideration.

Win together

We put our smart contract through a thorough auditing procedure.

Be albe to trust

We designed it such that trust amongst co-owners is not an issue.

Less fees

Individuals are no longer responsible for all the payments, which are now shared.

Unique infrastructure

In addition, we've created a one-of-a-kind web infrastructure.

Multiple profiles

More than one person can control these ad hoc multi-signature wallets.

The best in the industry.

All of this is delivered to you by a team comprised of top blockchain developers.

Top security

Delivered to you by a cyber security intelligence unit veterans.

Easier than ever

It is our responsibility to handle the complexities of technology .

Tailor made for you

Pushing boundaries and setting standards with our tailor-made design system.

High expectations

Exceeds the highest usability and performance expectations.

The whole package

We have vision, goal, and effect through digital-first thinking.

And more: Support for environment variables, preview mode, custom head tags, automatic polyfills, and more.

We partnered with the best!

We’re honored some of the most advanced enterprises out there work with Bluwhale

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