Turn Your Wallet Into An Asset

Simply connect your wallet and claim your profile to receive rewards. Web3 companies want to understand your needs and reach you directly on-chain. At Bluwhale, you earn as much as your profile's appeal and demand.  

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Indexing 270M+ Wallets in a Dynamic Vector Graph

Experience multi-chain user insights and discovery for smarter, more personalized communication.

Reach More Growth with A Personalized Outreach

Craft custom messages to engage with top wallets, whales, and liquidity providers helping them learn about the benefits of your products and services.

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Connect Enterprises & Wallets

Be part of our open network. Claim your wallet profile, search, and message anyone to contribute & earn from personalized outreach in web3.

Our Mission

To develop the most user-centric open AI network for matching enterprises with consumers, helping them delivery the most engaging, and delightful personalized experiences and outreach to every single wallet or user in web3.


Faster, Smarter, Better

Our AI writes queries to link wallets and assets, extracting and processing contextual data at lightning speeds without engineers - 10x faster than in real-time.

Predictive User Profiling

Over 80% of decision-making data is user-centric. Our contextual insights reveal the 'why', 'what', 'who', and 'how' of user interactions with your DApp in web3.

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AI Personalized Communication

Match wallets with companies, products, and services based on profiles & detailed wallet behavior.

AI-Driven Insightful Wallet Profiles

Our generative AI models use user preferences and engagement data to craft bespoke profiles, propelling your DApps to new heights.


Your Gateway to Innovation

Ready to integrate? Click 'Get API key' or contact us for unparalleled support.

Make Your Profile Shine
with Added Data

Boost your popularity and monetize your followers - if they're curious about you, they can pay to know more!


5 min ago

Bluwhale allows DApps & individuals to co-own user data while allowing me to make additional income simply by claiming my profile here and making the people or companies pay for checking me out.


Not A Developer? We've Got You Covered!

Just connect your wallet, claim your profile, and start monetizing your data today.

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Monetize Your Data Like Never Before

With complete privacy, security, and control in your hands, your data becomes an invaluable asset.

Revolutionize Asset Discovery

Uncover personalized projects, assets, and speculative insights like never before.

The future is here.

Take control of your data and contribute today.
Don't let tech giants profit off your information.


The Web SDK

Infinity Support has all the tools you need to make the Web. Faster.

Own together

Naturally, co-owner security is a primary consideration.

Win together

We put our smart contract through a thorough auditing procedure.

Be albe to trust

We designed it such that trust amongst co-owners is not an issue.

Less fees

Individuals are no longer responsible for all the payments, which are now shared.

Unique infrastructure

In addition, we've created a one-of-a-kind web infrastructure.

Multiple profiles

More than one person can control these ad hoc multi-signature wallets.

The best in the industry.

All of this is delivered to you by a team comprised of top blockchain developers.

Top security

Delivered to you by a cyber security intelligence unit veterans.

Easier than ever

It is our responsibility to handle the complexities of technology .

Tailor made for you

Pushing boundaries and setting standards with our tailor-made design system.

High expectations

Exceeds the highest usability and performance expectations.

The whole package

We have vision, goal, and effect through digital-first thinking.

And more: Support for environment variables, preview mode, custom head tags, automatic polyfills, and more.

Proud Partners with Industry Leaders

At Bluwhale, we're proud to collaborate with top-tier enterprises and investors.




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